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Let the pussy fairy put together a healing mix of herbs that is sure to leave you feeling clean and refreshed. This steam is A COMBINATION steam. It tackles everything. 

Amazing for Bacterial infections and yeast infections.

This is a blend of all the herbs.

Sunflower ( Combination Steam)

$45.00 Regular Price
$36.00Sale Price
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  • Bring 16oz (2cups) of Spring water to a boil. 

    Add entire packet of herbal blend to your boiling water. 

    Pour into your steaming pot and sit. 

    Be sure to time yourself. If this is your first time we recommend sitting for 45 min. 

    Discard blend when done. 

    Please do not reuse herbs. 

    Note: Please do not use a plastic seat! The chemicals from the plastics will absorb in your yoni.

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