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Natural Herbs

Same Blends, New Way!

Welcome Flower Bombs. We have transitioned to an online shop for your natural body soaps and steams. We will miss your smiling faces in our shop, but hope you continue to treat your body with the best care by using our products in the comfort of your home! 

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We know that life starts in the womb, so we've created special blends for all your womb needs. 

We have helped women regulate their cycles, fertility and more. We specialize in results. Our bodies are magical and we love being apart of helping women get their magic back. 

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Womb Trauma

Rape | Molestation | Abortions | Miscarriages and more

Health Concerns

Fibroids | PCOS | Endometriosis|

Long cycles and more 


Steaming can help rebuild the lining of your uterus. It can also help regulate you period.

Relaxation & Self Care

It’s perfectly fine to just steam

to steam.


Steaming will increase wetness and tightness.


Steaming will increase wetness and tightness.

About FB

Word of Mouth

“I was having issues with my cycle. It wasn't as regular as I needed it to be. Now it's regular, I don't have cramps or harsh pains on my period. I definitely highly suggest.

 I love, love love Jas.

- Amber Cofield - 

Every time I come I learn something new. Whether it's about my body, or myself, or my vaginal health. I now refer everyone I know, to FlowerBomb Steams over anybody else. It's that personal relationship, you really talk about what's going on.

 "At first I didn't believe the hype, so after 24 hours after my first appointment I wanted to have sex, and see if I tasted different, smelled different, and I did. And I kept coming back. Once I fell off there was a difference."

- Channel Finney- 

- Whitney Speaks- 

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